Equipment for making Flammkuchen

Do you want to make a traditional Flammkuchen? To produce the best results, in addition to high-quality ingredients and a tasty base, you will also need professional equipment if you want to bake a crispy Flammkuchen. This is why we have gathered together everything you will need in our "Flammkuchen Equipment" product category. You can find everything that will quicken the pulse of a Flammkuchen aficionado in our online shop, ranging from professional equipment for preparing and baking Flammkuchen, such as cutting boards, spatulasshelves and peels, to products for cutting and serving them.


Large selection of Flammkuchen equipment

Having professional Flammkuchen equipment on hand when preparing large quantities of Flammkuchen can be very helpful. Use our preparation boards for preparing and topping your Flammkuchen and for sliding them into the oven. offers a suitable peel for taking the finished Flammkuchen out of the oven again. The rotary cutter is ideally suited to cutting the finished Flammkuchen into slices, and we offer Flammkuchen boards for serving them up. Our range also includes Flammkuchen shelves, resealable bags and pizza stones.

Buy equipment for Flammkuchen as a set

You can order each piece of equipment individually. Should you require various products, you can buy these together as a set. We have put together a range of starter sets for you, from which you can choose the package that best suits your needs. This means you can acquire all the basic equipment for your needs with just a few clicks. In our starter packs category you will find equipment sets, sets that include Flammkuchen bases and equipment, including Flammkuchen ovens.

Serve your Flammkuchen in proper style: choose the appropriate serving boards

Fresh Flammkuchen are typically served on a wooden serving board. In our shop we offer various birch wood Flammkuchen boards in our round, oval and rectangular shapes as well as for the Petit and Midi sizes - a perfect piece of equipment for any restaurateur. The Flammkuchen boards, which are made of moisture-resistant multiplex birch wood, can be wiped clean or washed in a commercial dishwasher.
Order our great value Flammkuchen boards now.

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